Attorney says Jeremy Hill was heckled

The attorney of LSU running back Jeremy Hill says her client was heckled about his past legal trouble before he was allegedly involved in a fight outside of a Baton Rouge bar last weekend.

Hill's attorney, Marci Blaize, said the heckling began before a cell phone caught Hill on video during the altercation.

"There's no denying he's on the video, but the video is 15 seconds long and certainly doesn't tell you everything that happened that evening," Blaize said Thursday. "In my experience and the cases I've had, there's usually a reason why a person will strike another individual, and I can tell you that's the case here."

According to police, Hill punched the alleged victim in the side of the head before a second, unidentified suspect knocked the alleged victim unconscious. The cell phone video shows Hill exchanging "high fives" with the second suspect and others after the alleged victim was on the ground, Baton Rouge police Lt. Don Kelly said.

Hill, who led the Tigers with 755 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns in 2012, was arrested early Saturday morning and booked with misdemeanor simple battery. Coach Les Miles suspended Hill indefinitely on Monday. Hill was already on probation after he was arrested in early 2011 for an alleged sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl. Hill pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was allowed to enroll at LSU last year.

But this situation could cost Hill more than just missed games or the 2013 season, considering he was already on thin ice when he arrived in Baton Rouge.

Complicating matters for Hill is the fact that he told police that he wasn't in the fight, despite the video -- which is considered evidence -- showing Hill involved in it. Police said Hill told officers before and after he was shown the cell phone video that he was near the fight, but wasn't involved. He also said he didn't know the second suspect.

Blaize hasn't disputed that Hill is in the video, but added that she wasn't sure why Hill's comments were taken the way they were.

Regardless, this has to be an extremely frustrating situation for Miles. He isn't commenting on Hill's situation until the legal process plays out, but if Hill is found guilty of simple battery -- after being on probation -- Miles will have to seriously considering parting ways with Hill.

Until Miles has to make any sort of decision, he'll wait for all of the facts to come out, which could make for a longer spring/summer than intended for LSU's coach.