Denard Robinson approaching records

As if Denard Robinson hasn't done enough at Michigan, he entrenched himself deeper into Michigan's history on Saturday as the Wolverines beat UMass 63-13. Robinson accounted for 397 total yards against the Minutemen, which puts him at No. 2 all time in total yards at Michigan with 9,210.

Robinson only trails former quarterback Chad Henne (9,300 yards) on the all-time list.

The Wolverines racked up 585 yards on Saturday, and as usual Robinson was responsible for the majority of the offense. Throwing for 291 yards, three touchdowns and one interception and adding another 106 yards rushing, he pushed himself further up the record list.

Robinson says he doesn't think much of records and only wants to see his team win, but it's hard to look past the performances.

"To be honest, the only thing I think about is winning," Robinson said. "And being accountable to my team."

Many analysts and opposing fans don't see Robinson as a true passer, but Robinson also passed Jim Harbaugh at No. 5 in total passing yards with 5,630 in his career. He is now only 228 passing yards behind Todd Collins at No. 4 and 830 yards behind Elvis Grbac at No. 3.

Robinson was already going to be a big part of Michigan's future history books, but these numbers only solidify his mark on this program throughout his career. Robinson would be the first to tell you that he wouldn't be in this conversation without his teammates.

The offensive line, running backs and receivers are just as much of these records as Robinson, and they think highly of being a part of his success.

"I think it's pretty special. Our receiving corps is downfield blocking and catching balls for Denard," Michigan receiver Drew Dileo said. "However many years from now, looking back when people are still talking about Denard Robinson, it's going to be pretty special to tell your kids and grandkids you played with him."