Freshman Eric Striker making impression

NORMAN, Okla. -- True freshman Eric Striker made a quick impression on his teammates. And not only with his play.

"Eric Striker is a big mouth," cornerback Demontre Hurst said. “He’s loud, he’s up-tempo every minute, he reminds you of Travis [Lewis] a little bit. A lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm, just a fun guy to be around. Great personality and he’s a baller out there on the field, too. And Striker, the name is kind of catchy, too.”

Striker should make a early impact on special teams and could eventually carve out a role in OU’s defense this fall.

“Striker is a young gun, fiery kid,” linebacker Tom Wort said. “He wants to learn, wants to get better. He’s a hard-working kid with a lot of drive.”

His aggressiveness, explosiveness and pass-rush abilities will be difficult to keep off the field if he earns the trust of the coaching staff as the season progresses.