Stoops likes team's focus coming off loss

Last year after a home loss to Texas Tech, Oklahoma bounced back to destroy Kansas State on the road. After a home loss to Kansas State, the Sooners will try to respond with a similar effort against Texas Tech this weekend.

“We still have to go and execute well, and we did a year ago at Kansas State, and didn’t turn the ball over,” coach Bob Stoops said Monday during his weekly press conference.

In 2011, the Red Raiders stunned OU with a 41-38 victory to snap the Sooners’ 39-game home-winning streak. The following week, however, OU hammered Kansas State 58-17 in perhaps its finest performance of the entire season.

This week, the Sooners find themselves in a similar situation. The Wildcats knocked off OU two weeks ago, 24-19. Will the Sooners bounce back in Lubbock on Saturday the way they did in Manhattan last year?

“I see the same kind of attitude in how they’re working, coming to practice, coming to meetings,” Stoops said. “In that regard, I do see the attitude and hopefully resiliency.”

What else Stoops had to say Monday:

On running back Damien Williams: “We want to get Damien more carries, more opportunities. Hopefully we can stay on the field longer and get guys more opportunities."

On Landry Jones: “The worst thing a QB can do is press and try and force the issue and get to where you’re pressing instead of letting it come to you. The old adage, take what they give you. As much as anything, that’s what we want him to do. Just keep practicing.”

On how to keep Jones from pressing: “Confidence and sitting in there and delivering the football. We do what you can do. We do a blitz period every day, where the better defensive guys are coming after him. We do everything short of hitting him, we’re not going to do that.”

On the defensive tackles: “Casey Walker continues to work really well in there. Jamarkus [McFarland] has really had a good game in every game. All those guys are doing well. I can imagine David King is a guy we’ll work in there as well to a degree.”

On getting WR Trey Metoyer involved downfield: “We worked last week, that’s something we have worked more on. Emphasizing, more and more emphasis, precision, where he is. He and Justin [Brown], trying to make sure their opportunities are there and we’re taking advantage of them when we’re there.”

On some of the scoring going on in the Big 12: “It’s a nightmare [for a defensive coach]. Some of the things they’re doing are pretty strong. Gets harder and harder to defend.”

On special teams: “Kickoff return and punt return have been really good. Had three of them the other night that went past the 30-, 35-yard line. That’s pretty good field position.”

On whether the different scheme is affecting how many plays the LBs can make: “No I don’t think there’s much different. We’ve played a little different than we did last year. They’ll have their opportunities. It isn’t that different. They are playing well. We thought the other night, those guys for the most part played really well.”