Signee Q&A: LB Dominique Alexander

If anybody wants to know if Oklahoma coaches keep their word, ask linebacker signee Dominique Alexander. After camping at OU last June, he was told the Sooners would do more evaluating and get in touch with him.

It took four months, but they did so and quickly Alexander went from being an Arkansas commit to pledging to the Sooners.

Prior to arriving on campus, Alexander spoke to SoonerNation one more time to reflect back on his crazy year of recruiting.

SN: Who is your roommate?

Alexander: Stanvon Taylor. It’s going to be great to not have to go against him anymore. We’re going to come together and dominate.

SN: It’s a unique dynamic that you guys have competed against each other since elementary school and only in college will you finally be teammates. What’s your relationship like?

Alexander: No matter the sport we were always guarding each other, talking trash to each other. In middle school we played in the same league. As freshmen, we got to know each other real well. Sophomore year was funny because we played them in the state championship. Who’s better than who? We both had real great games [Alexander’s Tulsa Booker T. Washington team won]. I knew in middle school how great he was going to be. I’m just glad he’s on my side now.

SN: What have the OU coaches told you about what your potential role can be in the fall?

Alexander: They’ve said I have the chance to play if I work hard. I’ll be behind Corey [Nelson], who has been there forever right now. But if I show I’m the best, they’ll play the best. I know they’re really going to use me on special teams.

SN: What did the OU coaches tell you to work on before you got to campus?

Alexander: Coach [Mike] Stoops wanted me to work on my speed. Coach [Tim] Kish wanted me to work on zone drops and reads and stuff like that. They wanted me to get my size up. I was around 195. I’m a solid 210 now. They sent me pages and pages of stuff. Pages of how Coach Kish wants his linebackers to play and reading formations. They gave me some drills on how to be a better linebacker. I feel like I’m ahead of the curve.

SN: When did you know in your heart OU was the place for you?

Alexander: At the Notre Dame game. It just felt right. It felt like I was a part of the family. The more I went there, the more it felt like it was the right thing to do. They showed a lot of love, and I knew those were players I could vibe with.

SN: Who are the players you have looked up to on the current team?

Alexander: Aaron Colvin, for sure. I’ve known Aaron for a long time so I knew he wasn’t going to tell me wrong. With my position, I look up to Frank Shannon a lot. He hosted me on my official, and we hit it off there. I like the way he plays.

SN: When you leave OU, what is your legacy going to be?

Alexander: That I was a hard worker. A leader. I’m not going to ask anybody else to do something I wouldn’t do. I want to be remembered as somebody wanting to win and somebody who wouldn’t accept failure.