Big 12 mailbag: Texas pile-on continues

In today’s mailbag, pretty much everyone piles on the Longhorns, plus another nickname submission.

To the ‘bag:

John in Los Angeles writes: Would Texas ever fire a head coach during a game or mid-season? This question will be relevant if UT suffers another beat-down at the hands of OU.

Jake Trotter: Nobody would never fire a coach during a game (although that would be entertaining) and I can’t see Texas doing anything during the season. But forget about OU, the Horns needs to worry about escaping Ole Miss first.

Josh in Midland, Texas, writes: Jake, in the very unlikely case that Texas plays relatively well against Ole Miss and consequently wins this weekend, what will the national perception of Texas be? What would it take from the Horns on Saturday to improve the national perception of them?

Jake Trotter: Essentially the same as it is now. In terms of perception, Texas has much to lose and little to gain this weekend. The Horns won’t improve their perception unless they beat Oklahoma -- provided they don’t lose to anyone else before then, either.

Charles in Dallas writes: I love my Sooners. However, I see a changing of the guard coming in college football. The athletes are going away from OU and Texas and going with the flashy uniforms. This is evident with the rise of Baylor and OSU. You think my theory has any basis?

Jake Trotter: No doubt, Baylor and OSU have been recruiting at another level. I don’t necessarily see a changing of the guard, but the days of OU and Texas completely dominating the league like the 2000s seem to be numbered.

Cody in Dallas: Is it fair to say the Big 12 is weak right now just because OU and UT are down? Couldn't you make a point the conference is actually thriving with so many programs on the rise?

Jake Trotter: That’s the point Bob Stoops was trying to make in the spring. I wouldn’t characterize the Big 12 as weak, but without a national headliner, it’s difficult to make the case it’s strong, either.

Andy in Austin: Jake, any truth to the Saban-to-Austin rumors?

Jake Trotter: Yes. In fact, I hear he’s flying with Alabama to College Station, but skipping the A&M game so he can scout Texas-Ole Miss from the sidelines.

James in Texas writes: Can we call him the Lache Ness Monster? Is that appropriate?

Jake Trotter: No, and don’t give Andy in Austin any ideas.

Cole in Yukon, Okla., writes: I am not on the Trevor Knight bandwagon. I believe the coaches chose him for upside. So when do you see him starting again?

Jake Trotter: Doesn’t this smack of Wes Lunt’s freshman year at Oklahoma State? Honestly, if Blake Bell or Kendal Thompson plays well at Notre Dame, Knight might not get on the field unless there’s an injury.

Josh in Hastings, Neb., writes: I know in a chat that you implied a K-State fan was crazy to think K-State had a 70 percent chance to win in Austin given the fact that K-State owns Texas historically in Big 12 play. After the BYU game, is it starting to look not so crazy?? Go K-State!! (We do truly own the Longhorns)

Jake Trotter: I said that? I need to lay off the burnt-orange Kool-Aid.

Rob writes: Regarding Texas this season you said, "Let's look at the schedule: Ole Miss, OU, at TCU, OSU, Tech, at Baylor ... how many of those games would you pick Texas to win? Best case 3? That leaves them at 8-4 still." Don't you think Texas should actually beat K-State for the first time since early last decade before you start taking a Texas victory over K-State as a given?

Jake Trotter: Agreed, Texas beating K-State is no given.

William in Amarillo, Texas, writes: Can you write about something else other than Texas? They (stink) and they’re going to continue to (stink).

Jake Trotter: Anyone else want to pile on?

Brian in Kansas City, Kan., writes: Every year the national media overrates Texas, and every year everyone in the Big 12, who actually watches Texas, laughs about it. No one ever worries about Texas around here. Why do you think this is? Can the national media not register recent history?

Jake Trotter: This is actually a fair point. I have to admit, I was buying Texas during the preseason, too. I couldn’t ignore Mack Brown talking about how great this team was going to be. Color me bamboozled.

Alan in Houston writes: Does an undefeated OSU or Baylor make it into the BCS championship game?

Jake Trotter: Only if Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State, Florida State and Clemson all lose, too.

Beau in Denver writes: Kansas is sitting at 7th in the Big 12 standings. They should be feeling pretty good, right?

Jake Trotter: Enjoy it while it lasts.