Chat wrap: Biggest threat to Baylor?

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Thanks to a visitor from another conference, things escalated a bit. Here's where you can find the full transcript.

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Kyle (Connecticut): Hey Jake! Thanks for the great blog!! What are OU's chances of winning the title -- say they beat Baylor and win out? Will Texas Tech just have to beat Texas, or will Texas need another loss?

Jake Trotter: Texas would get the BCS bowl bid, even though technically the two would be "co-champs." So OU would need help. But if Baylor lost, and a three-way tie ensued, the Sooners would be in good shape because of their BCS rank, which is one of the primary tiebreakers.

PJ (midlo): Hi Jake. Can the Pokes keep it going and be playing for Big 12 championship when OU comes to Stillwater?

Trotter: Right now PJ, I'm not sure I see it. They can change my mind with a big performance in Lubbock. But that passing game doesn't smack of one that can get the Pokes to 11 wins.

Jon (Austin/Waco): Who is most likely to challenge Baylor for the Big 12 championship?

Trotter: Texas has the most favorable schedule.

Daje Johnson (Austin, TX): Can you please send Major Applewhite a letter or text and tell him I need to get the ball more than five times a game?! I have the talent to be a gamebreaker.

Jake Trotter: I don't have a problem with it, as long as those touches are going to Johnathan Gray.

Allen (Houston): KSU showed the model to beat Baylor. And the next FIVE teams on Baylor's schedule have TONS more talent on both sides of the ball than KSU. Baylor's little party is about to end, just like with WVU last year.

Trotter: Baylor doubters have arrived.

Jay (Michigan): Biggest key for TT to beat Oklahoma State?

Jake Trotter: Penalties and turnovers. Tech made too many mistakes to win in Norman, and there were signs of that happening before. Red Raiders lead the Big 12 in turnovers lost and penalty yardage.

Jake (Monroe): What are your thoughts to which team is better: 2011 Baylor or 2013 Baylor?

Trotter: 2013 Baylor. 2011 had two great players in RG III and Kendall Wright. This is a way deeper and more complete Baylor team.

Longhornmarine (Austin): Greg Robinson preseason defensive coordinator = Horns undefeated right now?

Trotter: Robinson was there for the Ole Miss loss.

Jake (Lubbock): Jake, concerned about my Raiders and their late swoons the past two years. What do you think the chances are that we don't win another game?

Trotter: Was Tommy Tuberville rehired or something?

Jamie (Upstate NY): What are the odds that TCU, WVU and KSU recover to become bowl eligible?

Jake Trotter: All three could. K-State/WV would have to beat TCU, KU and Iowa State to get there. Very doable. TCU would have to beat K-State in Manhattan, Iowa State in Ames and WV. I think at this point, TCU is the one that doesn't get there.