Former Sooners co-author book on family

Former Oklahoma quarterback Danny Bradley was enjoying life in the NFL when he began to hear rumors he was the father of a young son. A son who one day would follow in the footsteps of his father at OU.

Now, more than 20 years later, Danny and son Mark Bradley, a former receiver for the Sooners, have co-authored a book, “1nsepara6le-Faith, Family, Fatherhood,” chronicling their father-son bond.

“It’s a story about a father in pursuit of a relationship with his son,” said Danny, who quarterbacked the Sooners in the 1980s before playing for the Los Angeles Rams. “We wanted to encourage dads and sons to hang in and not quit.”

In the book, Danny details how Mark’s mom’s family kept Mark away from him. Not until Danny initiated a paternity test did Mark even realize who his father was.

“It was a tough situation knowing what my mom and family had done to this man,” said Mark, who in college wore the same No. 1 jersey number his dad did at OU. “My dad responded with love, forgiveness and humility. I don’t know many people who would respond that way.”

Eventually, Mark’s mother and Danny resolved their differences, and Mark and his father began to develop a relationship. Danny attended Mark’s games in college, which included trips to the ’03 and ’04 national championships.

“It was absolutely surreal to see my son play ball at same university I played at,” Danny said. “And wearing the same number. You can’t explain the feeling I had with what Mark and I had been through, knowing what he had been through to get there. It was a thrill.”

"1nsepara6le" is available for purchase at inseparable16.com and Amazon.com.