Christian Hackenberg TweetChat

Christian Hackenberg is the highest-rated quarterback to sign with a Big Ten team since Terrelle Pryor signed with Ohio State, and Hackenberg is the star of Penn State's 2013 class. He's been asked numerous questions from scouts, analysts, reporters and college coaches -- so we thought we'd try something different.

For the last few days, we've been taking questions from college football fans on Twitter. Hackenberg agreed to answer them, so we chose 10 of the best questions and posed them to him Monday night.

Here's what the No. 15 high school senior in the country -- and No. 1 quarterback -- had to say:

@chit2001 asks: How does it feel to have to the opportunity to play for such a historically rich football program? And are you receiving any negativity?

Hackenberg: It's an honor. Like you said, it's a great football program with lots of tradition -- and I'm proud to be a part of the family. And, you know, there's negativity out there no matter where you go. So, you just have to brush it off and look at the support you're getting. And there's a lot of that coming from Penn State people now.

@Xanderthegreat asks: What are your feelings on possibly being redshirted this year? It would allow you to play in more bowl games ...

Hackenberg: You know, I'm just sort of going in there with the mindset that I'm competing for the job. And I'm going to let Coach O'Brien sift through that after workouts.

@J_Gross31 asks: Who is your favorite PSU player of all time?

Hackenberg: Hmm, that's a tough one. I really liked Paul Posluszny back in the day. Being a QB, I just admired what he did. And that's my little brother's idol. He loves Paul Posluszny and Michael Mauti.

@Nrom_ asks: What part of your game do you think needs the most improvement?

Hackenberg: I think everything can be improved. I'm just trying to get better in every aspect: footwork, some mechanics, got to get my elbow up a little bit. But if I'd have to say one thing, I think it's keeping my elbow up on a consistent basis.

@tbrack14 asks: What was the longest touchdown you threw in high school?

Hackenberg: I think I had an 80-yarder after a touchback. I threw a fade, probably 55 or 60 yards, and he caught it and took it the rest of the way. When I'm pumped up, with adrenaline in the game, I don't know how far I can throw. I guess we'll find out!

@ChrisRobbins89 asks: When did you start being recruited by different schools, and around how many scholarship offers did you get?

Hackenberg: After my sophomore season, which is the first season I started, I got recruited by a lot of schools. And, scholarship offers, probably about 20. Unofficially, a bunch more -- probably 30-35.

@Psutimbo asks: Pundits claim your "con" is reading defenses. What are your thoughts on that, and how do you plan on improving? That was a McGloin strength.

Hackenberg: I plan on improving by watching a lot of film. There is a big difference on the college level, so I just have to watch film and analyze. O'Brien's system puts you in a good situation to do that quickly and make adjustments.

@T_Moyer7 asks: What was the biggest reason that made you commit to Penn State?

Hackenberg: The biggest reason, hmm ... I'd probably say, aside from football and academics, I'd say the great campus. Just the campus lifestyle and the kids around there, it's just a fraternity being a Penn State alum.

@dowestra39 asks: How do you feel about playing with Adam Breneman next season in Happy Valley?

Hackenberg: I'm really excited. It's sort of been an in-the-wait thing. We were going to throw a lot this summer, but he tore his ACL. So the anticipation's been building.

@AdamBreneman81 asks: Christian, can we be friends?!? Please.

Hackenberg: [laughs] No problem. I'll see you this weekend.