Chat wrap: How will RB B. Williams fit?

With about two weeks left until the start of the season, GigEmNation writer Sam Khan Jr. chatted with readers on Friday about Texas A&M football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript of the chat. Here's an excerpt:

Jeremiah (Austin):How will Brandon Williams fit into the offense?

Sam Khan Jr.: Jeremiah, I think Brandon Williams is going to fit in really well. He's tall, fast and explosive. Has a chance to be a threat both carrying the football and as a receiver out of the backfield. He's been recovering from offseason surgery during preseason camp, but should be ready to go on Aug. 31. I think he's going to be a real asset to the offense this year.

Bilbo Baggins (the Shire): Hi Sam, I enjoy reading your blog.Who are you expecting to have a breakout season that people might not be talking much about now?

Sam Khan Jr.: Thanks for the kind words. I think someone who has the potential for a really good season that really isn't talked about much is defensive lineman Alonzo Williams. He found himself in the lineup late last season because the Aggies needed the depth but he started the Cotton Bowl and will start this fall. He has developed nicely and he's going to be a key piece of the Aggies' defensive success up front. I would not be surprised if he had a big year.

Gary (Ft. Worth): Is Kyle Allen an early enrollee? What are the chances he can flip Mark Andrews and bring Tucker and/or Kirk wiith him?

Sam Khan Jr.: Kyle Allen is planning on enrolling early. Andrews has family ties to Oklahoma, so I think it'll be pretty difficult to flip him. Casey Tucker's a hard read right now but the Aggies are in the mix. Christian Kirk -- the Aggies are in real good position with him, but he's not in a rush to commit. He probably won't decide until after this season, at the earliest. But they made a big impression on Kirk when he visited in March.