Tom Herman: Decision not made on calling Texas plays

FRISCO, Texas -- Texas coach Tom Herman said Tuesday that "no decision has been made" on who will be calling plays for the Longhorns this season.

After Texas ranked eighth in the Big 12 in scoring offense during the 2017 regular season, Herman stripped playcalling duties from offensive coordinator Tim Beck and called the plays himself in last season's Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl victory over Missouri. The Longhorns scored 33 points in that win.

Herman, entering his second season at Texas, has remained coy this summer about whether he would continue to call plays or give those duties back to Beck. Earlier in the offseason, the Longhorns also hired Herb Hand from Auburn to be co-offensive coordinator alongside Beck.

"The good thing is we don't have to make that decision now in the middle of July," Herman said during Big 12 media days. "We're going to do whatever is best for the University of Texas and for our offense. I've always been very intimately involved in the playcalling on game day. There isn't a play that's called that I don't have veto power."

Herman didn't rule out Texas calling offensive plays collaboratively, either.

"What we do throughout the week is much more important than the three hours on Saturday in terms of game planning, in terms of installation of the game plan, in terms of the knowledge and retention of our players of that game plan," he said. "So. ... I (don't) feel any sense of urgency to have to (name a playcaller)."

The Longhorns were picked fourth in the Big 12 preseason poll.