Chat wrap: Trickett, Kingsbury, top D?

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. If you didn't get your question posted, send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 blog on Friday:

Michael (Flower Mound, TX): Could Baylor really be the best in the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: Sure, why not? They've looked like the best team so far along with Oklahoma. And they get the Sooners in Waco on Nov. 7.

Robert (El Paso): I think Kliff Kingsbury has done a pretty good job so far, but he went for a fourth down against TCU that was ill-advised. What are your thoughts on Kliff so far?

Jake Trotter: Kliff has been the Big 12 coach of the year so far, in my humble opinion.

ouwooferman (Houston): Bigger environment: Playing at ND or BU?

Jake Trotter: Notre Dame. Better team? Baylor.

Kyle (Iowa): What do you think is key for Iowa State to upset Texas? Establishing a running game or will it be more on the defensive side of the ball?

Jake Trotter: Getting Aaron Wimberly going. He's the sparkplug in that offense. If they can get him in space, they have a chance to move the ball.

Kevin (Reno, NV): What took Dana Holgorsen so long to place Clint Trickett in the starting lineup? I thought he was penciled in when he arrived to Morgantown?

Jake Trotter: Strange, right? I thought for sure Holgorsen would give Trickett a shot during the OU game when it had become evident WV was not scoring with [Paul] Millard at QB.

Jeff (Dallas): Better Defense - OU or TCU?

Jake Trotter: Slight edge to TCU when all its guys are healthy.

JakeJones (OKC): Which Big 12 team should be on upset alert this weekend?

Jake Trotter: Texas. Iowa State found its offensive footing in Tulsa, and Ames on a Thursday night -- that's a setting nobody wants to deal with.

Larry (TX): Which would you consider the better coaching job, USC or Texas (assuming Mack Brown gets smoked by OU)?

Jake Trotter: Texas. More money. More support.

Ryan (Tyler, TX): Jake, who will the Longhorns look to replace DeLoss Dodds?

Jake Trotter: First name I thought of was Oliver Luck. Luck has a law degree from Texas.

Allen (Houston): Still not buying Baylor. When they play these teams with athletes on D, they wont be putting up all those points. Same old Baylor, with a ceiling of 9 wins. Won’t be shocked to see WVU beat them handily.

Jake Trotter: There's always the possibility they become this year's 2012 West Virginia. I don't see it. This Baylor defense is better than last year's West Virginia defense. And this Baylor offense is more complete than last year's West Virginia offense, which really had just 3-4 players.

Jesse (SC): Should a conference expansion occur, what teams would be the prime candidates for the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: The only schools worth adding at this point would be in the ACC. But that would require the ACC crumbling before the Big 12.

Josh (Dallas): Still taking a wait-and-see approach with the entire top 3. None are yet to have a performance against a quality team that makes you think they are playing on the level of a clear favorite. Thoughts?

Jake Trotter: I think that's somewhat fair, but winning in Notre Dame is no small feat, even if the Irish are not as good as last season.

Drew (Houston): Love the work Jake, definitely helps me get through the week until Saturday's games. Is it just me or do fans of other teams seem really upset that Baylor isn't an automatic “W” for their team anymore? Seems like any praise Baylor gets, they try to point out "they haven't played anyone" argument or bring up Baylor's past history claiming they've never finished close to the top of the B12 so they can't this year. While I agree they haven't been tested yet, they sure have obliterated the teams they've face, which is what great teams should do. I've got news for them, this Baylor squad is good and worth all of the attention it is getting.

Jake Trotter: Some outside fans don't believe yet, which is somewhat understandable... what has Baylor ever done other than win 10 games in 2011? But per the eye test, this team is legit, and I think they will begin to prove that as the competition level rises.

Big Ferm (San Diego): As a Baylor fan, it's time to quit talking about it and be about it. Will a convincing victory over WVU on Saturday legitimize the Bears as a real threat to win the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: Baylor won't be legitimate in the eyes of many unless they beat OU Nov. 7. That will be their chance to win the doubters over, too.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Has Sterling Shepherd now officially arrived?

Jake Trotter: Thought he arrived last season?

Jon (Atlanta): Considering Maryland blanked WVU, how much does that say about OK State?

Jake Trotter: Maryland didn't face Trickett. He would have made a difference in that game, though not the ultimate outcome. But it doesn't bode well for OSU. The defense played OK, but didn't dominate an offense that had been completely inept previously.

Dillon (Bedford, PA): Do you think Keith Patterson is due for a raise? It's early but the improvement in WV's defense is pretty amazing so far.

Jake Trotter: It's amazing. The Mountaineers have been stout. Big test coming this weekend.

CJ (Norman): What's your favorite NCAA football food?

Jake Trotter: Ballgame food? Corndogs. Usually walk down from the press box during halftime of games I'm covering to get one.