Hoke addresses new recruiting rules

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan coach Brady Hoke took the opportunity at Wednesday’s signing day news conference to express his concerns with the recent shift in NCAA recruiting legislation that would lift the restrictions on phone calls and text messages and eliminate quiet and dead periods starting Aug. 1.

Hoke believes this will end poorly for the high school coaches who facilitate prospects’ recruitments and for the recruits themselves who likely will be inundated with texts, calls and visits.

“For the high school coaches, I think it’s a big-time mistake,” Hoke said. “[My] philosophy on life: Kids need to be kids. I don’t think the rules are helping.”

Unlike football recruiting, the rules on basketball recruiting have changed greatly over the past few years.

And while many correlations have been made between the basketball and football recruiting processes, Hoke said those parallels aren’t really accurate.

“I know basketball has gone to some of this stuff, but they have an early signing period,” Hoke said. “I think the other part of it is you can’t compare basketball and football, it’s not even close. They’re going to recruit three or five guys a year so maybe their pool is 25. … For us, we’re going to start with probably 1,500 [prospects in the 2014 class] and we’re going to sign 16.”

Hoke also addressed some of his own recruiting policies including his no-visit policy, which basically states that if a Michigan commit takes a visit the Wolverines will no longer recruit him.

It became newsworthy this winter when offensive line signee David Dawson (Detroit/Cass Tech) recommitted to Michigan after having taken visits elsewhere. And while Hoke specifically stated that “every situation is a little bit different,” he didn’t say it was a policy he necessarily would stick to 100 percent.

“I think that’d be something I’d talk with them about,” Hoke said.