Who makes Team North America in 2020?

Team North America captured the hearts of the hockey world at the 2016 World Cup. Who makes the roster in 2020? Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s been months since Team North America left us too soon. And, sadly, the memory is starting to fade away.

But occasionally, there is a reminder of the team that captured the imagination of hockey fans in the 2016 World Cup. You’ll see an Auston Matthews black and orange Team North America jersey in the stands. Or someone wearing a black and orange Team North America hat.

Then the memories flood back.

The fantastic game against Sweden. The kids lighting up Team Europe in such a way that it galvanized the latter group to go on a run. The anticipated showdown against Canada that never materialized.

So while my colleagues take a look at the Olympic rosters one year out (click here for Team USA and here for Team Canada), I’m looking even further ahead -- to the 2020 World Cup. Sure, Team North America might have been a one-off and may never happen again, and if it does, it will surely include an exemption for players who already played on it. But, we’re not letting details get in the way of a little fun in the middle of February!

So here it is, the 2020 Team North America roster (players have to be 23 years old or younger as of Oct. 1, 2020):