Twitter mailbag: Any trades on horizon for Cowboys?

FRISCO, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

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@toddarcher: If you're thinking of anything major, I would be surprised. It doesn't happen enough. The last time the Cowboys made a major trade in-season was 2008 when they picked up Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions. I know the Cowboys will look around and see what's available, but I don't think this team is in position to give away draft picks for what is probably a short-term solution. But I wonder if the Cowboys could look to deal Darren McFadden if his elbow is 100 percent. He is on the non-football injury list and will miss at least two more games. He can't be dealt until he is off NFI. He could be a desirable target since he is coming off a 1,000-yard season last year. James Hanna can also return after three more games from his knee injury. Could that open up the possibility of a Gavin Escobar trade? He won't be back next season, so perhaps the Cowboys could get a pick for him. But I would imagine the trade deadline will be quiet.

@toddarcher: Actually, I think you could make a compelling case to keep Garrett and his staff if Dak Prescott succeeds but the wins don't follow. I don't know if I would agree with the sentiment, but the case would be this: Why start over with a new coach, new offense, new everything when you have a system in place that worked well for Prescott? It's compelling but only to a degree. I could argue that having Prescott learn a new offensive system in his second year would be preferable perhaps than just delaying the inevitable. So now that I've laid out both sides of this argument, what happens? If the Cowboys don't win -- and I don't know how to define that exactly (Playoffs or bust?) -- then I can see Jerry Jones making a coaching change and starting over. This is Garrett's sixth season as the full-time coach.

@toddarcher: I want to say Terrance Williams, even after he struggled last year in Dez Bryant's absence, but I think I'll go with Butler, who has only one catch for 16 yards in three games. Butler has a confidence about him and he has shown ability to make big plays. I wonder about Williams' confidence level after his mistakes against the New York Giants and Chicago Bears even if he is saying all the right things. Prescott favors the open receiver, so I don't think he really cares who gets the ball. Now, this guy isn't in the question, but I would say Jason Witten has a big game.