Romo has 'won plenty of playoff games'

IRVING, Texas -- Tony Romo wants to get something straight: Last week was not his first playoff win.

It was just his first NFL playoff win.

"Well, I’ve played in a lot of basketball tournaments and things of that nature, so I’ve won plenty of playoff games," said Romo, who went 0-3 in Division I-AA football playoff games at Eastern Illinois.

The point Romo was trying to make is that the urgency of the survive-and-advance system isn't completely foreign to him. And he doesn't see why he would make any significant changes for the next playoff game after winning the first one.

"I think you just stay committed to the approach," Romo said. "You keep doing the things that have allowed you to play at a level that is good enough to keep winning, but you know that each game, for me, becomes more exciting and more fun.

"I’ve said it all along. This is why you play the game, to play in these games. It’s very easy to prepare and get ready for situations like this because it’s so enjoyable. Hopefully, we have a lot left."