Caldwell interviewed for Cowboys job

MIAMI -- Before Jim Caldwell became the head coach with the Colts, he got an interview with the Cowboys.

Following the Colts' Super Bowl XLI victory over the Bears in 2007, Caldwell became one of the last people Jerry Jones interviewed for the head coaching vacancy when Bill Parcells left.

The finalist for the job were Wade Phillips, who ended up getting the gig and Norv Turner, who became the Chargers coach.

As for Caldwell, he remained in Indy and later took over for Tony Dungy this season.

"What they made me do is really take a look at what is important in developing a football team," Caldwell said regarding the interview process. "So, I had to put those things on paper and had to verbalize them so my interviews with some of the owners like Mr. Jones and several others across the league gave me an opportunity to verbalize those things and see if I can sell them on it."

You could say Caldwell not getting the job was a good thing, since he's got his team just one victory away from a Super Bowl victory, while Phillips still seeks a Super Bowl apperance as a head coach.