OU's Bradford won't boycott Redskins

INDIANAPOLIS -- Perhaps the most awkward moment of the NFL scouting combine occurred during Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford's session with reporters.

Bradford, who is one-sixteenth Cherokee, was asked for his thoughts about the Washington Redskins' nickname, which is considered offensive by Native American activists. Bradford side-stepped the issue, saying he would deal with it if necessary.

The follow-up question: Would Bradford ask the Redskins, who have the fourth overall pick, to not draft him because of the nickname.

"Um ... no," Bradford said, appearing befuddled.

Bradford is much more concerned about preparing for his March 25 pro day. He won't work out at the combine, but he says his shoulder feels great after undergoing surgery in the fall. He's throwing every other day now, putting zip on passes between 20 and 40 yards.