Michael Hamlin is forgotten man at safety

Several fans have talked about cutting safety Ken Hamlin over the last few weeks.

Hamlin was a pretty average safety in 2009, yet, he did play pretty well down the stretch. But Hamlin is scheduled to make $5.596 million this year, a lot of money for a guy who played average the previous year.

The issue regarding any player who gets cut is who replaces him.

Dallas could sign a safety in free agency.

Dallas could draft one.

Dallas could go with Alan Ball or how about Michael Hamlin.

Yeah, Michael Hamlin, you remember him?

He was playing pretty well in the preseason until he broke his right wrist vs. San Francisco. He missed the first nine games of the season and didn't make his debut until Nov. 22 at Washington.

The fifth-round pick from Clemson played mainly on special teams when he entered the game.

Over the summer, expect Hamlin to get into the safety mix.

"We haven’t seen enough of Mike to be definitive about it, but we like him," Jerry Jones said. "We like Ball both [safety spots]. He really had a good year for us, and he gives us some flexibility back there that is really an asset back there. But Hamlin’s got a chance, and it’s time. He’ll have this offseason with his strength and that’ll be good for us. It’ll surprise me if Mike doesn’t make a real run at that."