Shouldn't Cowboys show Sharper some love?

The New Orleans Saints haven't made safety Darren Sharper feel loved since the Super Bowl.

"If the love was right, that would have been taken care of," Sharper told the New Orleans Times-Picayune, referring to his free agency. The love would have been reciprocated."

Sharper was one of the NFL's best bargains last season, when he got paid $1.7 million and picked off nine passes during an All-Pro campaign. Now the 34-year-old safety wants a two- or three-year deal for significantly more money.

Shouldn't the Cowboys at least consider using their one big salary slot with the Final Eight free agency rules on Sharper?

Jerry Jones has made no secret that he wants more playmaking from his safeties. Sharper is one of the premier playmaking safeties in NFL history. He has 63 career picks, which leads all active players. He has 11 touchdown returns, more than anybody but Hall of Famer Rod Woodson. His 376 interception return yards last season, when he had three touchdowns, set an NFL record.

The Cowboys value Ken Hamlin because of his savvy and communication skills. They wouldn't lose any of that with Sharper, but they would address the defense's turnover deficiency.