Will Jerry stray from his draft-day norm?

To say Jerry Jones likes to move around is an understatement. Since he's owned the Cowboys, Jones has made more than 50 draft-day trades

However, with no salary cap in place for the 2010 season, we wonder if Jones will be as active this year, especially with him drafting in the bottom half of the first round.

"It's money. It really is. It all has to do with money and fitting within the salary cap," ESPN's Todd McShay said "Basically if there's going to be an adjustment, it should be in the top seven to 10 picks."

Jones said money isn't an issue for him. We believe him since he kicked out $7 million for a boxing match last week. He is under a budget, and that'll dictate whether or not he wants to move up in the first round and pay some picks or even go after some free agents.