Wade Phillips praises Pacman Jones

ORLANDO -- Let's be honest: Adam Jones was a train wreck when he played for the Dallas Cowboys.

He got suspended for fighting his bodyguard, wasn't good on punt returns and was inconsistent in pass coverage. Somehow, Jones was tied with Terence Newman for the team lead with 13 pass breakups in 2008.

Jones missed football in 2009, probably a good thing. But now several teams have expressed interest in the cornerback, including the Detroit Lions.

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips thought if Jones got his act together away from the field, he had a chance.

"He played pretty good for us when he played," Phillips said. "His problems were more off the field than on the field. I think the important thing with him is he got his life straighten out. ... As long as he stays OK [off the field], he will be a good football player."

We talked to one of Jones' bodyguards -- not the one who punched him -- and he said the cornerback looked pretty good in a workout in New Orleans last week. There were even rumors that Jones ran a 4.4 40-yard dash.