The Cowboys like Tim Tebow but won't draft a QB

Let's be clear about this now, the Cowboys are not drafting a quarterback this year.

Jerry Jones said so.

However, the Cowboys like most NFL teams have watched Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. They had several scouts at Florida's Pro Day to watch that new throwing motion of Tebow's.

The Cowboys like Tebow, as they do a lot of players, but not enough to draft him.

"What a tremendous career he had in college," Wade Phillips said. "How that transfers to the NFL we don’t know yet, but if the intangibles mean anything he could have a good career because as a college guy one of the most intangibles that you can have, is certainly [being] a winner. He makes plays to win games so it will be interesting where he ends up."

Phillips noted how when he coached with his father, Bum, with the old Houston Oilers, there was another player many thought was overrated.

"I'm not predicting," Phillips said. "I was with Houston, and I don’t know if it was someone, but Jimmy the Greek said he's going to be a bust."

Who? Earl Campbell?

"Yeah, so I mean, I can't predict those things, if could I would be the draft guru," Phillips said. "You take the ones you know are going to be great players."