Rant just a reflection of Jerry's ego

Jerry Jones Bashes Parcells, Tebow (1:12)

Jerry Jones makes disparaging remarks about Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow. (1:12)

Jerry Jones didn’t want to remind the world that his ego is out of control, but that’s what happened when the Web site deadspin.com published a video of the Cowboys’ owner cursing former coach Bill Parcells.

“Bill’s not worth a [expletive],” Jerry rambled, perhaps after a night of enjoying his beloved Pepsis.

That’s a pretty harsh take on a Hall of Fame coach who inherited a perennial 5-11 mess and left a playoff team when he left Valley Ranch. But when it comes to coach appreciation, Jerry set the bar at about his toenails when he divorced ex-college teammate Jimmy Johnson in the wake of the Cowboys’ back-to-back Super Bowl wins.

The grainy video, which the Cowboys would not comment on, surely came as a surprise to Jones. But nothing Jerry said will live in infamy like his post-Jimmy comment that 500 coaches could win a Super Bowl with his Cowboys. His old buddy Barry Switzer might have proved Jerry right once after pulling himself off his Norman, Okla., couch, but the Cowboys swiftly went from dynasty to debacle over the next decade.

That prompted Jerry to fly his private jet up to Jersey to talk the Tuna into playing the big room, as Parcells called the America’s Team stage. Well, actually, it wasn’t just the losing that caused Jerry to recruit a coach who would overshadow him.

“They were on my [butt] so bad: ‘Jerry's gotta have a yes-man.’” Jones said during the video, in which he also says that Tim Tebow could never get on the field for the Cowboys. “So to get this [expletive] stadium, I need to bring his [butt] in.”

Jerry has always had "yes-men" as head coaches, with two exceptions: Johnson, the coach who built a dynasty; and Parcells, the coach who restored respectability to the franchise. But one thing is as clear as vodka: Jerry was willing to share the credit and spotlight at Valley Ranch only until he got the deal done for the stadium.

Now Jerry has exactly what he wants: a beautiful $1.2 billion building that is a reflection of his ego and a coach who has no problem passing the credit up the corporate ladder. As long as Wade Phillips continues to understand the pecking order around these parts, Jerry will have nothing but nice things to say about him.

To see the video, go here. Warning: Explicit language.