Difficult decision could loom with Sharper

Sharper Visiting Jacksonville (1:11)

Darren Sharper visiting Jacksonville and Dallas also showing interest (1:11)

The Valley Ranch vibe about safety Darren Sharper was lukewarm over the weekend.

A few days later, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Dallas is one of the most likely destinations if he doesn't agree to a deal during his visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Cowboys have to do their due dilligence with Sharper. On paper, it appears to be a perfect fit: a Super Bowl contender with a need for a playmaking safety has a chance to sign one of the best ballhawks in NFL history.

However, the Cowboys have legitimate reasons to hesitate with Sharper, who ranks sixth in NFL history in interceptions (63) and second in pick-sixes (11). He'll turn 35 in November and is coming off offseason knee surgery.

If the Cowboys were sure Sharper could perform like he did last season, when he had nine picks and three touchdowns for the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, they'd sign him in a heartbeat. But they wouldn't have released Flozell Adams if they were sure he could perform as well as he did last season.

The Cowboys have to weigh the possibility of a drastic dropoff against the potential for a repeat performance. If there was an easy answer with Sharper, the Saints would have re-signed him weeks ago.

Sharper could be the final piece to the Cowboys' Super Bowl puzzle. He could continue to be a leader with elite playmaking skills, which is pretty much everything the Cowboys could possibly want in a stopgap safety.

The question the Cowboys have to answer is, at what cost does the the risk become too great? Don't expect Jerry Jones to get in a bidding war.