Radio gold: Everybody has an opinion

Dez Bryant "Question" Debate Heats Up (3:59)

Best of OTL's debate on Jeff Ireland's question about Dez Bryant's mother. (3:59)

The Jeff Ireland-Dez Bryant story has captured the nation's attention, and analysts are lining up to give their thoughts on the subject. And here's our lineup:

ESPN NFL analyst Marcellus Wiley: The former Cowboys player shares his story of his interview with Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys in 2004 and compares it to Jeff Ireland's interview of Dez Bryant. His take: The Dolphins may have wanted to help Bryant. Click here.

NFL on Fox analyst Brian Billick: The former NFL coach says teams have to find out about these young players if they are going to give them so much money to play. Click here.

Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard: The columnist believes this will blow up to become something ugly on the legal side in the long run for Jeff Ireland. Click here.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen: Mort weighs in on the controversial question. Click here.

ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen: What? Yep, the former NBA player shares a view from the non-NFL perspective -- and gives his thought on Game 6 between the Mavs and Spurs. Click here.