Cowboys never showed interest in Sharper

Cowboys fans can stop begging and pleading for Jerry Jones to pursue free safety Darren Sharper.

Sharper is no longer on the open market. Several media outlets report that he agreed to a one-year deal to return to the New Orleans Saints.

"To the entire WHO-DAT Nation, guess what? I'M BAACKK," Sharper tweeted, essentially confirming the news.

The Cowboys never showed any interest in Sharper, one of the premier playmaking safeties in NFL history.

Why not? There were concerns about Sharper's age (34) and the fact that he is coming off of knee surgery.

There also might have been an expectation that Sharper simply needed another team to help set the market for him before he agreed to return to the Super Bowl champions. The Jacksonville Jaguars played that role.

The Cowboys have confidence in Alan Ball, the frontrunner to replace Ken Hamlin as the free safety. They're intrigued by the potential of Michael Hamlin, who will have a chance to compete for the job.

Jerry Jones has gone back and forth on whether the Cowboys will look to add a veteran safety to the mix. The winds were blowing against it over the weekend.

We now know for sure that it won't be Sharper, which is what folks at Valley Ranch had been saying all along.