Jerry's biggest concern: Schedule

When pressed, Jerry Jones will acknowledge that there are some positions that could be considered concerns for the Cowboys.

“But it’s an arrow pointing up,” Jerry said, figuring that the Cowboys will be fine at kicker, left tackle, safety, etc. if what he saw this offseason is any indication.

His biggest worry for the 2010 Cowboys is something that’s completely out of their control. (It’s the last item in Calvin Watkins’ column.)

“I’m concerned about who we’re playing, our competition,” said Jerry, although he mentioned in the next breath that he believes the Cowboys can be better than last season.

The Cowboys definitely have their work cut out for them. According to numbers crunched by our buddies in Bristol, no NFC team has a tougher scheduled, based on opponents’ records last season. Only the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans have a tougher schedule, and the margin is a grand total of one game.

Dallas’ schedule is especially difficult down the stretch. They face the two Super Bowl XLIV teams in consecutive weeks, followed by three games in the final four weeks against foes coming off double-figure-win seasons.

Then again, maybe the final four weeks won’t be so bad. Two of those games are against the Philadelphia, which is in a franchise quarterback transition after getting swept by the Cowboys last season. Another is against the Cardinals, who are likely to take a step back after Kurt Warner’s retirement.

No matter what, if the schedule is your most significant concern in June, you’re either delusional or destined to be a contender. In this case, it looks like the latter.