Jeff Ireland looking for Dez Bryant

There's a story in the Miami Herald today sayingDolphins GM Jeff Ireland will seek out Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant to make sure things are cool between them.

Cowboys meet the Dolphins Thursday night at Cowboys Stadium in the last preseason game.

It was Ireland who offended Bryant in a predraft meeting when he asked whether his mother was a prostitute.

Bryant said she wasn't and it set off a storm of questions across the league about the context of the conversation and if it was appropriate.

Ireland hasn't spoken to the media about the meeting, but Bryant said he has no issues with the Dolphins GM.

"I'm pretty sure if I see [Ireland] on the field I will shake his hand and Coach Sparano's hand. Everything is good; [it's] just a lot of misunderstanding in that situation," Bryant said August 18 from Oxnard, Calif.