Mike Shanahan failed to recruit Tony Romo

IRVING, Texas – Mike Shanahan figures that Tony Romo never should have been a Cowboy.

After all, the Broncos offered Romo twice as big a signing bonus as the Cowboys did after the quarterback went undrafted out of Eastern Illinois, Shanahan’s alma mater.

Romo took a look at the depth charts and decided that he had a better chance to compete for a roster spot with the Cowboys. That trumped the $10,000 difference in signing bonus offers, which seems like chump change now that Romo has a $67.5 million contract.

“It just still doesn’t seem right, does it?” Shanahan said. “Just think about it. How devastating would you be, being a head coach and you offer a guy [$20,000] and you are bragging to your coaches that, hey, I have an Eastern Illinois tie. The other guy is offering him [$10,000], but I’m sure I can get him being the head coach, not the position coach, and Sean [Payton] steals him from me.

“I still give him a hard time about that, by the way.”