Cowboys have been good after byes

It’s trendy to crack jokes about counting this weekend as a win for the Cowboys, a dig at Wade Phillips for comments made about the 2007 playoff bye being the equivalent of a win.

Phillips’ point would have been much better taken if it hadn’t been made in the wake of a home playoff loss to the Giants. Now, it’s just a punchline.

OK, so the Cowboys won’t be 2-2 by the end of their weekend off. But it’s a pretty solid bet that they’ll climb to .500 after hosting the Titans a week from today.

If the trends continue, Tennessee’s offense will have a lot of trouble during its trip to JerryWorld.

The Cowboys are 3-0 the weeks after their regular-season byes under Phillips. The Cowboys’ opponents – Donovan McNabb’s Eagles, Jason Campbell’s Redskins and Matt Ryan’s Falcons – averaged only 16 points and 280.7 total yards during those games. The Cowboys had 10 sacks and forced seven turnovers in those victories.

Phillips will have two full weeks to create and implement a game plan to befuddle Vince Young. I like his odds.