Rex has confidence in Rob Ryan, Jason Garrett

IRVING -- When the Cowboys hired Rob Ryan to become the defensive coordinator this spring the biggest issue was how would his personality go with head coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett, Ivy league bred, is a steady and firm influence, who believes in consistency, he wears the same colors to practice every day.

Rob Ryan has long gray hair with a goatee, who is from Southwestern Oklahoma State, and isn't guarded with his comments about anything.

Rex Ryan, the twin brother of Rob, who coaches the New York Jets doesn't think the two would have any issues.

"It's going to work," Rex Ryan said on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday morning. "Jason wants to win. I remember when he came to interview for the Ravens job I met him. He is an impressive guy, obviously had that job offered to him and the Falcons job offered to him, the two jobs I was going for."

When Rob Ryan called the Eagles the "all-hype" team during training camp, it did create a stir and it prompted the defensive coordinator to avoid speaking about the issue after the stories came out. Garrett downplayed Ryan's comments and if he was upset he handled it in private.