Nicked up Mike Jenkins wants action

IRVING, Texas -- He's recovered from a stinger, is still recovering from a hyperextended knee and now has a bruised shoulder. What more can go wrong for Cowboys starting cornerback Mike Jenkins?

He's as nicked up as anybody on the Cowboys roster right now, and he will start Sunday afternoon at the San Francisco 49ers.

But Jenkins has been nicked up before.

"I played running back in high school," said Jenkins, who attended high school in Bradenton, Fla. "But I was taking a lot of nicks. I got God on my side. I've been nicked up before, it's a small thing [and] once I get over this it will be over and I'll be back to football 100 percent."

When an opponent knows a player is dealing with health issues, it will attack. In the season opener when Jenkins returned in the fourth quarter after going out with a shoulder injury, the first pass play was toward Jenkins, who tackled Plaxico Burress. Jenkins saw quarterback Mark Sanchez do a check-down call and directed the first pass his way.

"I knew what time it was," Jenkins said.

Regardless of whether he's coming back from an injury, Jenkins said he's not afraid of the action. He wants quarterbacks to challenge him.

"I hope that's what they're saying," Jenkins said. "It gives me the opportunity to make plays. Last week, they came after me a few times and I made the best of it. That's what you want. I don't like being in a game and not get any action. That's kind of boring. You just got to capitalize on every situation."