DeMarcus Ware gets upset at Redskins

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware was steamed for how he was handled by the Washington Redskins' offensive linemen.

Ware was held by running back Tim Hightower, tackled at the ankles by left tackle Trent Williams and pushed down to the ground several times. When the night ended, Ware did get a sack -- his team-leading fifth of the season -- but it wasn't easy.

Ware was yelling at the referees for not calling any penalties when he was trying to go after Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman.

"If you had guys with some hands that could snatch me down, pull me down, that's what they did," Ware said. "But they had some great players on their team, and they did play really strong."

Williams made no apologies for how the Redskins handled Ware, who has led the NFL in sacks the last two seasons.

"It's almost impossible to go out there and dominate him to where he doesn't make any plays," Williams said. "I felt like I recovered well, but there's some stuff he did that he didn't even show on film, a lot of inside moves and stuff. He's a great, great player."

Ware's only sack came on a spin move to the inside that Williams said he never saw on film this season. Ware is used to getting chipped by tight ends and running backs and doesn't mind the double-teams from tackles and guards. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan likes to move Ware around the line of scrimmage to create mismatches.

It seemed this is the first time Ware has been so open with his complaints about how he was handled.

"Sometimes, animation comes out when people bring it out [of you]," Ware said. "And you have to show them you're not going to get run over and you're not going to do the things you want to do to me. At the end of the day, it's football, you're a gladiator out there fighting and it's the best man wins."