Tyron Smith moves forward

IRVING -- First-round pick Tyron Smith wasn't a happy man after the loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Smith allowed a fourth-quarter sack of quarterback Tony Romo. Smith was pushed back by defensive end Willie Young, a 2010 seventh-round pick from N.C. State, who used a bull rush.

"Bad technique," Smith said regarding the sack.

Smith has played well so far. He's allowed just one sack and has done a nice job while getting help from left guard Kyle Kosier in defending the pass rush. Smith performed well in one-on-one situations, too. He shows his athletic ability with his footwork and using his arms to keep defenders away.

But the loss to the Lions upset Smith. The sack, coming with 35 seconds remaining, bothered him to the point where he declined to speak with reporters.

"I just didn't want to say anything to anybody," Smith said. "I just didn't want to talk. I'm upset every time we lose, you just got to deal with it and move on from it."

During the bye week, Smith said he's going to do more film study and maybe go home to Southern California to visit some family and friends.

"I feel like I have a lot to learn and a long way to go," he said.