Felix Jones was caught up in the moment

IRVING -- To finally put the Detroit Lions game to bed, running back Felix Jones addressed his mistake in the closing moments of the 34-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Out of timeouts and facing a fourth-and-20 from the 45, quarterback Tony Romo found Jones on a pass into the flat as the clock wound down. Jones tried to get downfield, but surprisingly stepped out of bounds along the Cowboys sideline with four seconds to play after a seven-yard gain.

Jones stood there in shock along with the rest of the Cowboys players that their final chance to win the game ended.

"It's a little bit of everything," Jones said of the emotions. "It was not a smart play by me. Just pretty much got caught up in the moment. Made a mistake."

The mistake by Jones raised questions about the Cowboys' ability to perform in tense game-like situation. In training camp, the Cowboys worked on several game situations from the two-minute drill, four-minute drill with one timeout or no timeouts to hurrying onto the field to attempt a field goal.

"Just me being the competitor I am and knowing what the sitauation we're in," Jones said on how upset he was. "Just me putting pressure on me in general, knowing, just knowing what I did [was] wrong and thinking about it is enough. Nobody can hurt me as much as I feel about myself and what I did."

The bye week should help Jones heal from a dislocated shoulder suffered in the Week 2 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Jones has played through the injury and rushed for 115 yards on 14 carries in the Week 3 win over the Washington Redskins. Over the last two days, the Cowboys have held light practices with little to no contact have been good for the starting running back who is averaging 4.3 yards per carry.

"It gives me a lot more time to go out here to get a little bit more treatment," Jones said. "No banging and it gives it a lot more rest and gives it more time to heal. The bye will be great for my shoulder."