Big Decision: Will Pats take away Jason Witten?

The beauty of Bill Belichick as a defensive coordinator is that he doesn't allow the offense to dictate what it wants it wants to do.

He takes away what they do best. Or, he takes away their best player.

The Cowboys present a variety of problems for the Patriots' offense because they have several big-play skill position players, but tight end Jason Witten is the most important cog in the Cowboys' offensive machine.

So look for Belichick to give Witten considerable attention because he's Tony Romo's favorite receiver -- and the chain-moving guy who makes the offense work.

He has a team-leading 27 catches for 366 yards and a touchdown, and he has a pair of 100-yard games and had 94 yards receiving against Detroit.

So look for the Patriots to give him some double-team attention inside and outside because Witten has too much size for a safety and too much speed for a linebacker. it's going to be trick, though, because Romo will have both Miles Austin and Dez Bryant at his disposal for the first time this season.

That said, Belichick won't let Witten beat him today.