DeMarcus Ware: Cowboys are not desperate

IRVING -- The Cowboys have lost their last two games and now take on a 0-5 St. Louis Rams team who might not have their quarterback Sam Bradford (ankle) and will need to rely on A.J. Feeley on Sunday afternoon.

Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware said despite this losing skid for the Rams, they’re a dangerous team.

“Those teams are probably the most hungriest teams that you play,” Ware said. “They feel like they don’t have anything to lose but have everything to prove to themselves and their organization.”

The Cowboys were in a similar situation against the Rams in the 2008 season. The Cowboys faced a Rams team without their starting quarterback Tony Romo, but these comments from former cornerback Pacman Jones might have summed up the feeling in the locker room when he said if he’s concerned about that upcoming game, “it’s the Rams, dude.”

Well, the Rams, then 1-4, beat the Cowboys at home, 34-14.

Ware’s team is well aware of that game and while there are some different players on the roster now, the Cowboys have endured their share of losing streaks. In the last five seasons, the longest losing streak the Cowboys have endured was five games last season. There have been five two-game losing streaks and this one doesn’t appear to have placed the Cowboys in a desperate mode.

“Desperate for what,” Ware asks. “You’re motivated to get some wins. You can’t be desperate with a 16-game season. We lost these three games within [11] points. What is it to be desperate about when you have a great team and you have everything in place? But you’re just not closing and you just have to figure out how to close it to get that bad taste out of your mouth.”