Five-star: 2.5 sacks? Expecting too much

Five-star question: Will DeMarcus Ware get the 2.5 sacks he needs to tie Jim Jeffcoat (94.5) for officially the most in franchise history?

Rob Ryan claims that DeMarcus Ware is better than Superman, much less Lawrence Taylor, but let’s try to keep expectations realistic.

It’s a bit much to expect the man to have multiple sacks every week. So, no, he’s not likely to pull even or surpass Jim Jeffcoat on Sunday. To put the difficulty of that task in perspective, Ware has had 2.5 or more sacks in eight of 103 career games.

Granted, one of those games came against Seattle. That was a sad day in Seahawks history, as legendary left tackle Walter Jones was humiliated as he hobbled around on a bad knee in what ended up being the final game of his career.

Not that it’s impossible for Ware to beat recent first-round picks Russell Okung and James Carpenter for a few sacks. But the Seahawks’ tackles have combined to allow 7.5 sacks this season, according to Stats Inc. A Ware hat trick would be a surprise.

On another note, Jeffcoat holds the Cowboys’ record for most sacks since the NFL made it an official stat in 1982. The team recognizes Harvey Martin as its all-time leader with 114. Martin also holds the team record for sacks in a season with 23 in 1977 – half a sack more than the official league record Ware is on pace to break this season.

Just thought that Martin merited mentioned, especially during a week when one Cowboys legend from that era is getting a long overdue spot in the Ring of Honor.