Stephen Bowen: Beef with Phil Costa is over

IRVING, Texas – The Snap Flap beef has been settled, as far as Stephen Bowen and Phil Costa are concerned.

Bowen, the former Cowboys defensive end who signed with the Redskins this summer, found himself in the middle of controversy after the NFC East rivals’ Sept. 26 meeting. Costa, the Cowboys center, had a handful of premature shotgun snaps in that game, which he blamed on Washington’s defense illegally mimicking Tony Romo’s cadence, with Bowen being fingered as the primary suspect.

An irritated Bowen responded by telling the D.C. media corps by accusing Costa of lying and saying he “lost a lot of respect” for the Cowboys’ new starting center. According to Bowen, Costa called him that week to privately discuss the matter.

“It’s no big thing,” Bowen said on a conference call with the Valley Ranch media days before the Redskins-Cowboys rematch at FedEx Field. “We’ve moved past that. It’s all good.”

Bowen said Costa is “a good player and I respect him,” but Bowen isn’t backing off his side of the story. He firmly insists that no Washington defender mimicked Romo’s cadence, a matter that prompted a memo from the league the week after the game reminding teams that doing so should result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

“I have no idea, no idea,” Bowen said when asked what Costa might have heard to prompt the premature snaps. “I know that us guys up front, we weren’t saying anything. If I would have heard it, it probably would have made me jump. I know I had nothing to do with what he was hearing.”

Said Costa on Wednesday: "It's over with." He declined to comment further.

It bothered Bowen that his integrity was questioned, although he said he had no hard feelings after his phone conversation with Costa.

“Everybody knows I’m not that type of guy,” Bowen said. “I’m a high-character dude. All I do is just line up and play ball. Everybody knows what I’m about in Dallas and here. I’ve never been that type of guy to try to find a sneaky way. That’s just not my game.”