Cowboys talk about the GW touchdown

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Arizona Cardinals' game-winning touchdown was a result of the Cowboys making a few critical mistakes.

The Cowboys scouted that when running back LaRod Stephens-Howling comes into the game, the possibility of a screen pass is in play.

Faced with a first-and-15 from the Arizona 48, Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Spencer and inside linebacker Sean Lee blitzed quarterback Kevin Kolb.

At the last minute, Lee backed out of the blitz realzing Stephens-Howling was running to the flat. Kolb floated a pass to Stephens-Howling with Lee trailing, and after dodging three defenders scored on a 52-yard catch-and-run for the game-winning touchdown.

"Being on the field, he’s a screen guy," Lee said of Stephens-Howling. "I probably should have done a better job recognizing it was going to be a screen. I came through the line, I saw it, and I was a little late to see it though. Looking back on it, on a blitz, I was coming to get the quarterback I probably should have tried to grab him somehow or do something. But at the same point anytime you get pressure, a screen is a great call, you never expect it to go all the way. You got to give credit to LaRod for making some great moves and the play call also."

Cornerback Terence Newman was blocked by a wide receiver on the play and then tried to make a tackle as Stephens-Howling ran down field.

"It was one of those instances, first of all we kinda of miscued as far as our coverage," Newman said. "We had guys playing one thing and guys playing another thing so of course we didn’t execute on that play. When [Stephens-Howling] comes into the game, it's usually something out of the backfield. We didn’t get lined up right and next thing you know he's in the end zone."