Garrett needs OC? 'Humorous,' Jerry says

IRVING, Texas – You can make an argument that Jason Garrett would be a better head coach if he hired an offensive coordinator.

Just don’t expect to convince Jerry Jones of it.

“I’m actually humored when I hear that he might be overloaded mentally being the coordinator as well as the head coach,” Jones said during a SportsCenter sit-down interview with Hannah Storm. “That’s humorous. His biggest asset is his mental capacity and his ability to digest information and then act on it.

Never mind that Garrett’s late-game clock-management gaffes have provided plenty of laughs the last two weeks.

Tony Sparano, who was a tremendous asset to Garrett in his most successful season as an offensive coordinator, is available now that he’s been fired as the Dolphins’ head coach. Norv Turner, the brains behind the offense that put Super Bowl rings on Garrett’s fingers as a backup quarterback, is expected to be available after the Chargers fire him following the season.

But the Cowboys won’t consider hiring either supremely qualified candidate as an offensive coordinator. Garrett doesn’t believe it’s necessary, and his boss considers the thought laughable.