Rob Ryan has no grudge against Brandon Jacobs

IRVING, Texas – Rob Ryan swears that bears no ill will toward Brandon Jacobs despite the Giants running back’s rather rude postgame conversation with the Dallas defensive coordinator’s twin brother.

Jacobs and Jets head coach Rex Ryan had a heated, face-to-face discussion after the Giants’ win over their New York rivals last week. It reportedly started with Jacobs telling the guarantee-happy Jets coach, “Time to shut up, fat boy.”

A couple of days before the Cowboys and Giants play for the NFC East title, Rob Ryan basically shrugged when asked about the confrontation. He’s much more concerned with figuring out how to stop Jacobs, who had his lone 100-yard game of the season in the Giants’ Dec. 11 win at Cowboys Stadium, than sticking up for his brother.

“I’m sure it wasn’t just a one-sided thing,” Rob Ryan said. “I don’t want to talk about it. I have great respect for both of them. Obviously blood on one of them with Rex. But this Jacobs kid ran for [101] yards on us. He is a grown man. I look at him. He is gigantic. He has great size and things.

“Let’s be honest those are two guys that love their team, that love who they are. They’re vocal leaders of their groups. Sometimes people bang heads. That is life. I’m sure you guys have your altercations too.”

Ryan found the thought of a family grudge against Jacobs humorous, as if anybody needed additional motivation with the division title and NFC’s final playoff berth on the line.

“Hell, this is a championship game, guys,” Ryan said. “You think that kid is losing any sleep over that incident? Hell, no, he’s looking to take on us, trying to beat us.”