Chris Canty embraced by the Giants

New York Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty still has fond memories of his time with the Dallas Cowboys. He spent four seasons with the Cowboys before leaving in free agency, signing a six-year $42 million deal with $16 million guaranteed.

The Cowboys weren't going to spend that money on a defensive tackle/end they didn't deem an elite player.

So, Canty moved to the Giants, a team looking for a run stopper.

"They’re known for drafting pass rushers and here they are signing a run stopper," Canty told reporters at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Wednesday. "It’s like what am I doing here? It’s a tremendous opportunity to come and be part of a great organization, a great defensive line and a great football team. When I had the opportunity to come from Dallas, I had to take advantage of it."

Canty is still close with several of his teammates with the Cowboys including Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware. The Cowboys defensive line is a close-knit group, much like the offensive linemen. When Canty signed his new deal he said it was difficult, yet, it was a business and there were no hard feelings.

"When I initially came in, it was different because I was drafted to the Cowboys. I came in with a rookie class of DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff and Marion Barber," Canty said earlier in the week.

"We all kind of grew up together. Coming to a new team as a free agent with no one else, it’s a little bit different dynamic, but this team has embraced me and I love each and every one of these guys. I wouldn’t rather take the field with anyone else other than these guys. It’s just a tremendous opportunity and I’m thankful to play with the New York Giants."