Cowboys alter secondary coaches' duties

INDIANAPOLIS – Jason Garrett finalized his coaching staff with the addition of his former Princeton teammate, Joe Baker, as assistant secondary coach, but how Baker and Jerome Henderson, the new secondary coach, split up the duties will be different than how it worked in recent years.

From 2008-11, Dave Campo worked with the cornerbacks and Brett Maxie worked with the safeties

“Jerome Henderson is the secondary coach and Joe Baker is the assistant secondary coach, so at different times Jerome will be with the corners and Joe will be with the safeties,” Garrett said. “That’s just the mechanics and logistics of practice. Like an offensive line coach, he’ll have centers and guards today and the assistant offensive line coach will take the tackles, but it’s not like he’s the tackle guy and he’s the center/guard guy. Or he’s a safety or cornerback guy. It’ll be a different set up than what we had before.”

Baker joined the Cowboys from Tampa Bay where he had been the Buccaneers’ linebackers coach. He was their secondary coach in 2009.