Tim Tebow? Hiccup, he'd never get on the field

We don’t have to ask what Jerry Jones thinks of the possibility of trading for Tim Tebow. We’ve already heard Jones’ thoughts about whether the Cowboys would be interested in adding Tebow to the roster.

“Why?” Jones slurred, a moment secretly caught on camera, part of a video filmed at a local bar/restaurant that went viral before the 2010 draft. “He’d never get on the field. I can’t get him out there.”

That wasn’t so much a knock on Tebow as it was a vote of confidence in Tony Romo. In that regard, nothing has changed in the last couple of years, which is why you don't hear the Cowboys mentioned among the teams interested in Tebow.

The Cowboys just made a significant investment in backup quarterback Kyle Orton, who happens to be the guy who got benched to make way for Tebowmania in Denver. It doesn’t make financial sense to give up assets to add a third-string quarterback with a first-round contract.

It’s fun to speculate about the possibility of Tebow running a Wildcat package for the Cowboys and possibly being groomed to replace Romo down the road. It’s funny to read Twitter jokes about Tebow serving as the Cowboys’ closer – never mind the fact that Romo’s late-game numbers compare favorably to every active quarterback.

It just isn’t a realistic scenario to envision Tebow with a star on his helmet. If you don’t believe me, just grab a bar stool next to Jerry some time.