Honoring the Cowboys on July 4

The Dallas Cowboys don't play on July 4, but it's a great day to celebrate what it means to be an American. With that we give you our Top 5 Cowboys players who remind us why it's great to be an American.

1. Roger Staubach. A Navy man whose football career was delayed by his military service. Staubach is Captain Comeback, Roger The Dodger and the ultimate leader. He never had a losing season as a starting quarterback and finished his career at 85-29. He led the charge to bring a Super Bowl to North Texas and to get Drew Pearson into the Ring of Honor.

2. Eddie LeBaron. The former quarterback was a mean Marine. A lieutenant in the Korean War, he received the Purple Heart for being wounded and was also given the Bronze Star for his heroic efforts in battle. Nicknamed 'The Little General,' the 5-9 LeBaron completed 51.9 percent of his passes in four seasons with the Cowboys.

3. Everson Walls. It's never easy being one of the first, but the former cornerback was a union rep for the players association during a time when the owners had no use for a union. Walls also donated a kidney to a former teammate, Ron Springs. It was that bond that prompted a book and an outpouring of support for organ donors. Walls was truly more than a teammate.

4. George Teague. In 2000, the former safety protected the star at Texas Stadium when he knocked then-San Francisco 49ers receiver Terrell Owens off it while he was celebrating a touchdown. On Sept. 23, 2001, about two weeks after the terrorist attacks on the country, it was Teague who carried a huge American flag to midfield before the game, igniting a roar from the crowd at Texas Stadium. It was a moment that gave you goose bumps.

5. Jason Witten. The veteran Cowboys tight end runs around with his helmet off, is athletic, gritty and powerful. Of course he's a registered voter. He missed a portion of the veteran minicamp for jury duty. If you want to be judged by your peers in a court-of-law, better have Witten on your side. What a country!