Camp observations: QBs arms get a break

OXNARD, Calif. -- Eight practices into training camp and it’s time to be mindful of the quarterbacks’ arms.

Tony Romo threw only 16 passes in team and seven-on-seven drills, and Kyle Orton had just 12. Unofficially, Romo has completed 138 of 212 passes, and Orton 90 of 134.

With a day off Wednesday, Romo and Orton should be refreshed when they come back to work Thursday.

Now, on to the observations:

** Things got a little feisty during the session. Veteran DE Kenyon Coleman did not like something about a block from rookie TE James Hanna and shoved him in the back. Rookie TE Andrew Szczerba attempted to come to Hanna’s defense with a shove back. Later, Szczerba got into a mini-scrum with DE Tyrone Crawford. Sean Lee gave C Phil Costa a shove. NT Josh Brent expressed extreme displeasure with LB Caleb McSurdy for not making the calls loud enough.

** The goal-line drills were followed by a lot of situational work, including the old lateral play by the offense. The best part of that play came when Dez Bryant flung a lateral across the field to Romo, who threw it back to the right to WR Dwayne Harris over two defenders. Harris was quickly smothered to end the circus play.

** Costa was busy at center with the struggles of David Arkin and Harland Gunn. Arkin had four poor exchanges before he was replaced. Gunn had one shotgun snap that was low. That led Costa to take more reps. He was not immune from mistakes either. He snapped one early to Romo, causing the quarterback to flip the ball away in disgust.

** Crawford has a chance to be a player. In one on one pass rush drills he bulled through LT Tyron Smith. For a rookie, Crawford has some strength to him.

** NT Robert Callaway committed the cardinal sin for interior linemen by jumping on a hard count from Romo on a fourth-and-1 play. All in all, however, Callaway has had a nice camp and is pushing Brent for the backup nose job.

** WR Cole Beasley made two middle-of-the-field catches that led to immediate timeouts by giving himself up. Beasley has done a nice job since coming back from his mini-retirement.

** Orton was late on a crossing route to WR Tim Benford in the final team period, which allowed S Danny McCray to come down to break up the route. Benford was open earlier in his route, but it looked like Orton was waiting for him to clear through another defensive window.

** In the morning walkthrough, back-to-back false starts got RT Doug Free kicked out for a snap. Arkin moved on the second snap and was also replaced. Pat McQuistan replaced Free and Derrick Dockery replaced Arkin. Only for a snap.

** Ps Chris Jones and Delbert Alvarado worked on the flip-flop punt that Mat McBriar had perfected. Jones did not have that kick in his arsenal last year and seemed to do a decent job with it, however, with not as much rotation as McBriar.

** Keep an eye on the undrafted Benford during the preseason games. He is a smooth route runner and uses his hands to catch the ball more than his body. In one-on-one drills against CB Lionel Smith, Benford ran a double-move comeback to the sideline, creating perfect separation for a Romo throw.