Camp observations: DeMarcus Ware shines

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Cowboys got back to work for the first time since their scintillating 3-0 win at Oakland on Monday with a shorter-than-normal practice Wednesday, but there was plenty to still see.

On to the observations:

** I’ll break some news right off the bat: DeMarcus Ware is really good. On the first play of team drills he sped around LT Tyron Smith and pressured Tony Romo. In the second series of team drills, he had a sack of Romo. Later, he stuck with RB DeMarco Murray in coverage and strung out a reverse to WR Kevin Ogletree.

** After getting tripped up/tackled from behind by LB Bruce Carter, Murray was a little slow getting up and there was some worry he might be hurt. On his next carry, he busted through a big hole for a long gain, looking like nothing was wrong.

**The battle for the No. 3 receiver rolls on and Ogletree had the best day of the competitors, catching three passes from Romo. His best came on a read-and-react route in the slot when he stopped and changed direction on CB Morris Claiborne for a nice gain.

** WR Andre Holmes did not have as good a day. A deep ball from Romo went off his finger tips in one-on-one drills and he was unable to hold onto a comeback route along the sideline. Both catches would have been difficult but if he wants to secure the job, those are catches that have to be made.

** WR Dez Bryant was stuffed off the line by CB Brandon Carr on a slant, leading to a pass breakup by Carr. On his next play against Claiborne, he caught a crossing route from Romo and sprinted up field on S Gerald Sensabaugh. In a game, it may have been a touchdown with the momentum Bryant had built up.

** With LB Caleb McSurdy done with a torn Achilles, Alex Albright could get more action at inside linebacker. He did a nice job of dropping back in coverage to knock away a pass from Kyle Orton to crossing Holmes.

** Sometimes things just aren’t fair. One is when Jeff Adams and Tyrone Novikoff are asked to block Ware on a twist. The All-Pro was just too quick for the undrafted rookies.

** K Dan Bailey took all of the field goals Wednesday, making all seven kicks. His longest came from 42 yards.

** CB Mario Butler ended the one-on-one period with an athletic interception of Kyle Orton, jumping for the pick while covering Raymond Radway on a deep ball.

** Orton made a throw few quarterbacks can make when he threaded a ball over CB Teddy Williams and S Mana Silva near the sideline to WR Dwayne Harris. The defensive coaches were calling for an interception, but Orton had the right mix of speed and touch on the pass.

** With a shortage of tight ends because of Jason Witten’s injury and John Phillips’ return from an injury, the offense featured mostly three-wide receiver sets. Only one Romo pass was caught by a tight end when he hit Phillips on a hot route. Romo went 15 of 20 on the day.