Tony Romo deal will surpass Matt Schaub's

IRVING, Texas – Houston took care of its quarterback Sunday by signing Matt Schaub to a four-year, $62 million extension that included $24.75 million guaranteed.

The Cowboys would like to get Tony Romo under a new deal sooner rather than later even though he is signed through 2013 with $20.5 million coming to him. Romo’s cap number jumps to $16.8 in 2013, double what he counts this year, and with a $5 million hit coming from the NFL’s cap sanctions the Cowboys would like that a lot lower if possible.

So let’s do some comparison shopping between Romo and Schaub:

Both quarterbacks became full-time starters in 2007, though we’ll concede Romo’s 10 starts in 2006 give him more experience than Schaub.

In 65 starts since 2007, Schaub has 93 touchdowns passes and 52 interceptions. He has played full 16-game seasons twice and threw for more than 4,000 yards both times.

In 67 starts since 2007, Romo has 135 touchdown passes and 60 interceptions. He has played full 16-game seasons three times and threw for more than 4,000 yards each time.

Schaub is 31. Romo is 32. Schaub has never won a playoff game with the Texans. Romo has one with the Cowboys. Both guys have had injuries that cost them portions of three seasons.

The Cowboys have said they do not look at Romo as the typical 32-year-old quarterback because he did not play his first three seasons, so the length of the deal could be longer. With two years left, the Cowboys are probably looking at a five-year extension through 2018, in which Romo will be 38.

Romo’s guarantee back in 2007 was $30 million, so right off the bat he should be looking at more guaranteed than Schaub. Drew Brees received $60 million guaranteed from New Orleans this summer, and that came with a Super Bowl win, an MVP and a league passing record.

Romo’s guarantee could be in the $45 million range -- maybe more, maybe less but not much in either direction.

Schaub’s average per year is $15.5 million. Brees came in at $20 million per year. Put Romo in the middle of that, too.

With reports that Baltimore and Joe Flacco are talking about a contract extension, too, the market could be settling in and potentially make a deal a little easier for the Cowboys and Romo to figure out.

But the numbers will be higher than Schaub’s.